There are many things to consider when choosing a vinyl fence, making it essential to choose a top-rated North Richland Hills, Texas fence company. Whatever style you are searching for, Lonnie Co & Fencing has a variety of options to help you choose the best design for your property. All of our fences come from Master Halco by Legend Vinyl Fencing, and there are many stylish options to choose from. We will discuss some of the most popular designs in this article. 

Our Vinyl Fencing Offers a Clean Look & Custom Options

An excellent choice for both commercial and residential properties, vinyl fencing is durable, low maintenance, and attractive. Our customers deserve the best quality, professional-grade fencing which is why our fences are built with Legend Vinyl Fencing. Legend vinyl is proudly made in the United States to ASTM International standards and in accordance with Vinyl Manufacturers Association standards. 


Legend brand vinyl fencing is made out of a material that is a solid color throughout, so it will not chip, peel, or fade. It never needs to be painted or sealed, making it a low-maintenance option for property owners who are looking for a beautiful fence that does not require high amounts of time to maintain. All of our vinyl fencing comes with a workmanship warranty on our installation, as well as a transferable limited lifetime warranty from the fence manufacturer.


Our vinyl fences are both pool code and wind code approved, although you must check your local codes to ensure requirements are met. We offer 3 colors and 2 woodgrain options, several fence post tops, and multiple fence styles so that you can customize your fence to meet your needs and show off your style! Additionally, our rails and gates are designed to stay straight and we use premium hardware and innovative design to ensure that your fence stands up to the test of time.


Legend Vinyl offers the following popular styles: 

Vinyl Fences for Privacy and Seclusion

When you are looking to create a completely private space for your yard, full-privacy fencing is your best option. We offer several gorgeous styles, and our privacy fences are available most readily available in white, but we can also order other colors like tan or khaki as well as woodgrain patterns to mimic the natural aesthetic of real wood. Additionally, our solid privacy fences have the option of utilizing white post rails and khaki or tan panels for a beautiful two-tone fence. This is an attractive option for those looking for a more custom look. Our solid privacy panels have the option of a lattice top, closed spindle top, or open spindle top. These fences still offer full privacy while adding an additional layer of aesthetic appeal. With all available options for customization, you are sure to find a unique and stylish fence for your space. 

Semi-private Vinyl Fencing Options

Semi-privacy fencing gives the same feeling of seclusion as full privacy fencing offers, but it also adds the additional benefit of increased airflow. Slight spaces between the pickets give semi-privacy fencing the ability to withstand high winds. Properly installed vinyl fencing is strong and can withstand extreme weather, but semi-privacy fencing increases this ability. Available in 3 colors and several styles, semi-privacy fencing is a great, customizable option for any homeowner. 

The Familiar Look of Vinyl Picket Fences 

For a beautiful fence that adds a classic, nostalgic elegance to any property, picket fences are an excellent choice. Our picket fences are available in three picket styles and two colors. You can also customize the top of each fence panel with a straight or scalloped look. In addition to the open picket style, we also offer a closed picket fence which creates a bit more of a sleek, finished look.  

Vinyl Ranch Rail Fencing Makes Great Borders

Ranch rail fences offer a nice border for both residential and commercial properties. Ranch-style fences are available in two colors and come with the option of 2-rail, 3-rail, 4-rail, or crossbuck rails. While this style does not offer privacy, it is an excellent choice for marking a clear boundary while beautifying your property. 

Ready to Build a Custom Vinyl Fence with an Expert Texas Fence Company? 

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