We consider our dogs to be another member of our family and want to give them the best life possible. Allowing your furry friend to run safely and explore your yard is one of the best ways to care for them. At Lonnie & Co. Fence Company, a trusted fencing contractor in North Richland Hills, Texas, we can help you determine the best type of fence for you and your faithful pup. Continue reading to discover the most important features of a top-tier dog fence. 

Low-Maintenance Fences from a North Richland Hills, TX Fence Company

Ensuring that your fence remains sturdy and secure is vital to ensuring the safety of your pup. Reducing or eliminating the amount of maintenance you need to perform on your fence will keep you happy; a low-maintenance fence is a win-win situation! When installed by a trusted fencing contractor in North Richland Hills, Texas, vinyl dog fences are some of the most low-maintenance options available. 


Designed to resist warping, rotting, or weathering, vinyl fences are built to withstand the elements for years to come, ensuring your pup has a safe place to play. Vinyl fencing is also a great option for dog owners with pups prone to jumping, as their slightly flexible boards resist breaking and cracking when pressure is applied. Combined with their easy-to-clean surface (simply rinse down any visible dirt with a hose), vinyl dog fences have many fantastic, low-maintenance features for you and your furry friend!


Aluminum fencing is one of the most secure, long-lasting, and low-maintenance fencing materials on the market and can give your pets a safe place to run and play without fear of them escaping. Because of its durability and safety, as well as its low maintenance requirements, it is an excellent choice for dog owners. Its versatility makes it simple to create a stylish, elegant look in your backyard, and its many open styles are ideal for those who don’t want to block their view. However, if you have a dog who is easily distracted or tends to bark a lot, this may not be the best fit for you. Be sure to visit the aluminum fencing page on our website to see all of the different options that are available for your North Richland Hills, Texas, residential fence.

Dog Fences with a Sturdy Design to Protect Your Pets 

Keeping your pup safely within your yard is one of the primary goals of a dog fence from our North Richland Hills, TX, fence company. Galvanized chain link fences are a popular option for dog owners looking to keep their pups from running into busy roads or darting after squirrels. Given their affordability and 20-year lifespan, depending on environmental conditions, chain link fences are an optimal choice for a durable dog fence


Alternatively, wood fences are a classic choice for a sturdy dog fence. As a premier fencing contractor in North Richland Hills, Texas, we meet or exceed all industry guidelines for the installation of wood fences. This affordable fence option will keep your dog happily exploring your yard for years to come!

Customizable Height Options from a North Richland Hills, TX Fence Company

Some of our furry friends have been known to jump to impressive heights! Fortunately, we have a variety of fence options available that will allow you to customize the height of your fence. Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of standard heights, including four, six, or eight feet, making it a suitable choice for dog owners with Dalmations and Pugs alike! 


Aluminum fences are a popular choice among dog owners for their appealing design. Available in a variety of heights, taller aluminum fences are a fantastic option for surrounding your yard with a long-lasting and classic fence, preventing your curious pup from venturing into a neighbor’s yard. Aluminum fences can also be installed around pools to prevent your dog and small children from wandering into any dangerous situations with an elegant fence design. Our photo gallery features examples of some of our aluminum fence options to give you inspiration for your next fence project!

Small Picket Spacing to Keep Your Pets Secure

Many breeds of smaller dogs can double as escape artists, slipping through some wider-spaced picket fences. Fortunately, there are several fence options with pickets that are spaced more closely together to prevent curious dogs from getting into any trouble. 


Vinyl fencing and wood fencing can be installed as full-privacy fences to eliminate any open space between pickets or boards. Wood fencing, installed with our board on board, side by side, or horizontal styles, are also available as a full privacy option to keep your dog secured within your yard. 


Aluminum fencing can be customized with puppy pickets, which are a section of closely spaced together pickets along the bottom of an aluminum fence to keep even the smallest dogs from getting into trouble. The inclusion of puppy pickets in your next aluminum fence design will give you peace of mind. 

Designing the Best Dog Fence With a Premier Fencing Contractor in North Richland Hills, Texas

Wood fencing, aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, and chain link fencing are all popular options in terms of safety for your dog. As a dependable North Richland Hills, TX fence company, our fences will keep your dog protected and secure within your yard. Depending on your dog’s personality and temperament, you may find some options to be more suitable than others. If your dog tends to bark a lot, a full-privacy fence that blocks views will help limit distractions. If you find your pup can easily scale large barriers, then a tall fence might prevent jumping and escaping. A durable, low-maintenance fence that can withstand damage from your dog if they tend to jump, paw, or scratch may be the best fit for you. Contact our fence experts to discuss which dog fence option is the best solution for you and your family!

The Best Fence Protection for Your Family and Pets

If you live in North Richland Hills or the surrounding area and are interested in installing a fence for your dog’s safety, contact the best North Richland Hills, TX fence company, Lonnie & Co. Fencing. We offer a variety of residential and commercial fence services and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Give us a call at (817) 304-1574 so that our team may answer any questions you have about your next fence project. Contact our fence experts at Lonnie & Co. Fence Company, where we are dedicated to quality craftsmanship and ensuring customer satisfaction!