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There is a lot to consider before installing a new fence around your home or business. Many people take the time to consider the long term needs of their property, whether it's for weather considerations, family or business needs or making sure they are within the local municipality zoning rules. One of the best ways to be sure you're covering all your bases and making the right fence decision is by consulting with a reputable fence company in Garland, Texas.

Lonnie & Co. Fencing is the answer for all your fencing needs! There is no better time to invest in a fence at your Garland property whether it's to outline your property line, create better security or give yourself privacy. Add curb appeal and design the fence you've been looking for today!

What Are the Top Fence Uses for Garland?

Garland residential and commercial fencing options

Fences come in all shapes and sizes in the Garland area and there are many options that work great in residential property and in commercial spaces. Our job is to help match you with the perfect fence for your property and personal needs.

One of the best ways to decide on a fence is to understand their top benefits. Here are some of the top reasons our fences are so popular for Garland, Texas homeowners and business owners.

Garland, Texas residential fencing contractor

Garland Texas residential fencing company

Garland, Texas
Residential Fences

They Protect Your Children and Pets

You'll need a sturdy fence to keep your children and pets safe while keeping them in your backyard. A vinyl, chain link, or wood fence is a good choice for this reason since it can be tailored to your specific needs.

They Can Safely Surround Your Pool

Pools are dangerous for non-swimmers, particularly children. Most states have pool fence laws. An effective pool fence must include visibility, security, and installation, latch and height standards. Aluminum, vinyl, and chain link pool fences are popular because they offer open designs and secure construction at the same time.

They Mark Property Boundaries Well

One of the main jobs of many fences is to show where your property line is so that people don't trespass. Many types of fences can be used to do this. Some of the most common are picket fences and split rail fences, which don't offer a lot of security but make it clear where the lines are. They are affordable and look great in many residential settings.

They Combine the Best Security with Attractive Styles

Residential fences can create a higher level of home security in Garland while boosting your property's appearance. Ornamental fences are often utilized around residences that need an additional layer of protection. Because of their endurance and eye-catching beauty, these fences are often built of aluminum, wrought iron, wood, or vinyl.

Garland Residential Fencing
Garland Texas commercial fencing company

Garland, Texas
Commercial Fences

Commercial and residential fences have certain similarities, but their focused purpose is different. Every commercial fence will most likely need to satisfy most of the following features...

Raising Business Security

A well-constructed fence is an important component of any security system. To provide a more intimidating barrier, security cameras and barbed wire may be installed in combination with chain link fences.

Keep Overall Liabilities Down

On the grounds of certain businesses, there are restricted or hazardous areas. A barrier will clearly identify these zones, allowing people to know where they should not go, eliminating liability for your company.

Create Customer and Employee Privacy

Some businesses also need privacy for their clients or employees. When a business is of a more sensitive nature, like that of a place that has a high client confidentiality level or high profile clients, privacy may be a big factor. In these cases, a wooden or vinyl privacy fence is a great way to keep their customers' visits more private.

Create A Great Curb Appeal

In the world of business and commerce, looks do matter! That's why if your business property is kept looking tip-top, it may be a boost to your curb appeal, attracting more business. Choose a fence that reflects the level of professionalism and style you want.

Garland Commercial Fencing

Types of Fencing for Texas Property Owners

Choose between all of our popular styles of fencing for your Garland home or business. Lonnie & Co. Fencing installs all types of fencing in a wide range of colors, styles and strengths. The most popular types of fence in the Texas area are: aluminum fence, vinyl fence, wrought iron fence, chain link fence, and wood fence.

Vinyl Fences

If you're looking for privacy fencing that's low maintenance, try a style in vinyl fencing for your Garland property. Open picket designs are also available for beautiful front yard accents.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fence is a most popular choice for Garland, Texas residents. It's elegant, durable, and comes with a manufacturer's warranty - so you can have the peace of mind that comes with a fence of high quality.

Wrought Iron Fences

Our wrought iron fences are known for their superior strength, value and longevity; making it a perfect choice for many commercial applications. This fencing system is fusion-welded with maintenance free coating and a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty!

Wood Fences

Wood fencing is a beautiful option for fencing when you want a natural look and strong border. Go for a more traditional stockade or picket fence, or check out the more modern horizontal wood fence options for something new!

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fence is a great solution for almost any situation at your Garland property. Economical and very durable, Texas residents have been turning to chain link as their fence of choice for decades for security at home and at the office.

Types of fences we install in Garland TX

Schedule A FREE Fence Consultation

Your new fence is just a phone call or email away! The fence experts at Lonnie & Co. Fencing are available for you right away to help you plan and schedule your new fence project in the Garland area.

Garland Texas privacy fencing

Great Choices for Privacy Fencing

We have the best variety of privacy fences in Garland, Texas! Come and check out the different styles and options for yourself.

Garland, Texas
Wood Privacy Fences

Many properties can be made more private with wood fences. Depending on the type of wood fence you choose, your yard can look more traditional or more modern. You can also make your wood fence fit your style by choosing its height, style, and color.

GarlandWood Privacy Fencing

Garland, Texas
Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl fences are a great choice for privacy fences because they protect your personal space just as well as wood fences do. Vinyl fences are made of a strong, flexible material that lasts a long time and doesn't need much upkeep.

Garland Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Family Owned Fencing with Lonnie & Co. Fencing

The Lonnie & Co. Fencing Difference in Garland Texas Fence Installations

Founded in 2015, We Serve the Garland Area with Residential and Commercial Fencing

Starting with our owner having over 16 years experience in the fencing industry and team members with over 30 years, Lonnie & Co. Fencing has been bringing quality work at a fair price and with excellent customer service to the Garland area time and time again.

Our family owned business has earned the trust of our local communities, and is also recognized as the best fence company in Richland Hills and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area with the "Best in DFW" award. Our hard work and our quality practices pays off!

Let us share our expertise and friendly customer service with you! When you need a fence in the Garland area, we are happy to help you every step of the way. Our fences can be installed in wood fence, vinyl fence, aluminum fence, chain link fence, and even wrought iron fence materials with many styles to choose between. Whatever your priority is, we can help you make your fencing dreams come true!

We Make It Easy to Buy a Fence in Garland

We've made the process of purchasing a fence as easy as possible for our customers in Garland. The fence pros at Lonnie & Co. Fencing have been designing and installing fences since 2015 and are ready to help you when you call. Learn about all your options in the Garland area and discover which fence is right for you.

Buying a Garland fence - Step 1

Our Selection of Quality Fences

You'll find that all of our Garland fence styles and materials are built by reputable manufacturers and the value is outstanding. We use superior products that will hold up against the variable weather of Garland so you can trust the pros to offer only the best! Start your search by exploring all of the options available in Garland, Texas and trust in the fact that throughout our many years in business, we've recognized that using the best quality materials matters!

To Shop, you may send us an email or give us a call to arrange for an at-home consultation. We are fully committed to making your fence building experience simple and hassle-free, from beginning to end!

Buying a Garland fence - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence

You can choose from a wide range of fencing styles and materials to design the perfect Garland fence for your home or business. All of our fencing options are made to suit a variety of budgets and preferences and we're here to help answer any questions you may have.

We want to make the process easy and efficient for you so reach out to the experts at Lonnie & Co. Fencing throughout your decision process so you can be confident you're making the best choice for you.

Buying a Garland fence - Step 3

Let the Professionals Handle It

There's nothing like having a professional, experienced fencing team on your job! We have been installing fences in Garland, Texas since 2015. Take advantage of our expert team of fence designers and installers to get your job done to the exact specifications and look you desire.

Get Started!

If you're a property owner in the Garland, Texas area needing fencing, look no further than our team of highly experienced fence pros. Reach out today to get your questions answered and ask for a free quote, too.

Buying a Fence in Garland, Texas

Our Easy Process

We want to make sure that getting a fence installed with Lonnie & Co. Fencing is fast and easy! We have been installing fences since 2015 and our team is ready to help you! Shop our vast selection of quality fencing options and styles. Give us a call and let's get started on your fence building project together!

Buying a fence step 1: Design Your Fence Online
Determine Your Needs

First, start by determining how you will use your fence and what your needs are. Are you looking for a fence to give you some curb appeal and security? Or do you need a pool fence or backyard privacy fence. The decide what material you would like by taking a look at our fence options on our website.

Buying a fence step 2: Speak with Our Fence Expert
Speak with Our Fence Expert

Our friendly fence experts are here to answer your questions and get you an accurate quote for your fence. Just give us a call, send us an email, or contact us through our website and we'll be happy to assist you. Our team at Lonnie & Co. Fencing will make sure you get a fence that exceeds your expectations.

Buying a fence step 3: Installation
Delivery & Installation

Our expert installation team will be there at the agreed upon time and date and you'll never have to lift a finger! In no time, you'll have a brand new, high quality fence from Lonnie & Co. Fencing!

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Garland Fence FAQs

View our most common questions from our Garland friends and neighbors.

Definitely! Our company is a Texas fencing contractor that is fully licensed and insured. We do everything we can to make sure you are protected, that the end product is great and that you are pleased with the process from start to finish.

Helping with fence design is one of our favorite things to do! Our fence specialists are here to help you discover the right fence for your property's specifications and requirements. Once you've seen the options we offer on our website, give us a call so we can get started on your fence job.

Every fence we put up in Garland and all over Texas comes with a promise that we will help you fix any problems with the installation for up to 2 years. In addition to our warranty on our work, every type of fence comes with its own warranty from the company that manufactured it. Talk to us about the type of fence you want, and we'll tell you exactly what the warranty will cover.

You sure can! Just fill out our online form or give us a call, and we'll send an estimator to your property to get more information about your space and needs and give you a detailed estimate right away.

People and businesses in Garland use various kinds of fences depending on their primary purposes and objectives. For the most part, we find individuals opting for wood fences and often pre-stained cedar for their residential fences.

The best fence for you is always the one that meets your specific needs the best. Our Garland fence experts are here to help you make a decision and plan the project so you can be sure you're getting the right fence for your property, family, or business.

Texas Fence Project Examples

Take a look at some of the fence projects we've completed in the Garland, TX area. Our expert team of fence installers work hard to make sure every fence is installed to the right specifications and that we exceed our customer's expectations. As you can see, we work with all kinds of fence materials and can design a custom fence just for you!

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